The Best Burgers Ever


If you are planning a visit to Edinburgh or Glasgow, this is a MUST visit!!

Bread Meats Bread, an original and proud burger venue. The burgers are out of this world and are the perfect way to cure a hangover after a heavy night or if you just fancy a proper feast.

Both are located centrally, Lothian Road in Edinburgh (A stones throw away from Princes Street) and St Vincent’s Street in Glasgow (just off Buchanan Street) The staff are super friendly and it’s an extremely relaxed atmosphere, in traditional ‘burger joint’ fashion.

It’s popular. It can be extremely busy, especially in the evening and during the weekend. However is worth every minute you wait…if you can handle the sweet, sweet, smell of burgers being served up as you wait. They don’t take bookings so be sure to get down in plenty time.

Burgers start from £6 for what they regard as a ‘small’ burger but like beauty, size is in the eye of the beholder…and to me these are not average small burgers!

Cali Burger 2×2 (mustard fried with lettuce tomato, onions, pickles and sauce)

The Burgers vary from your ‘Classic Burger’ to some mouth-watering and unusual variations such as the ‘Luther Burger’ that comes in a single or double size. Its listed ingredients include; burger patties, American cheese, candied bacon, spicy beef may, crispy onions and to top it off, it’s served in a glazed ring donut. Now that’s something you don’t find in your average lunch order is it?

A must have from their sides and extra section of the menu are the ‘Buffalo Fries’. Diner style fries served with hot Buffalo sauce, Blue Cheese mayo and crispy fried onions. Delicious.

So if you fancy some relaxed atmosphere and decent grub, Bread Meats Bread should be added to your list.

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