Why visit Imsouane, Morocco?

After a recent Winter getaway to Imsouane, Morocco I realised how important a little winter sun it to revitalise and motivate me ahead of my last semester at university. What an adventure it was too!

Its S000 Cheap

With price being at the top of many people’s priority list when booking a holiday, Morocco is ideal. Flights from the UK are as low as £20 and accommodation just as cheap there is no hesitation needed. Did I mention its only 3.5 hours from the UK?

Not only are flights and accommodation dirt-cheap but so are the living costs while there. On average I spent around £10 each day on food, drink and surf hire.

A Tranquil EscapeIMG_1200

In traditional holiday style there was absolutely no stress. Poor wi-fi connections added to the experience and made the trip a real escape from reality. Moroccans have a laid back lifestyle and I fully embraced this on my trip. My daily routine would include:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning surf lessons
  • Chill and watch the skilled surfers down at ‘The Bay’
  • Lunch and check out the local shops
  • Sunset surfing
  • Enjoy a few beers and dinner
  • Sleep
  • And REPEAT

In my eyes, this is the best type of getaway

Food – TAGINE!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 21.45.29

Like most holidays on of the best things was the food.

One of my food highlights was Tagine. This is a traditional Moroccan casserole served in a terracotta pot…one thing I will fantasies until I return to Morocco.

Imsouane is located off the coast of the Atlantic and so fresh fish was in abundance at local eateries….and it was delicious!

The delicious Khubz (Bread) which was served fresh from the stove daily was unbeatable.

Day Trippin’IMG_1245

One day my group and I didn’t feel like surfing so our wonderful host Hakim organised a day trip to the not so far, Essaouira. It’s a charming city where activities are in abundance from windsurfing to shopping inside the walls of the stunning Medina. Only 1.5 hours from Imsouane, the drive is worth it alone. The scenery is beautifully picturesque.

The popular beach resort Agadir is only 1 hours drive south of Imsoune.


Unique Accommodation

When I visited Imsouane in January 2016 I stayed at Ocean Point. The boat cabins offer a pleasantly unusual experience and for £19 a night (split between two people sharing that’s only £9.50 each) it was perfect. Having a great view over the Atlantic from your bed made checking the morning surf that bit easier.


Year Round Sunshine

Lastly and crucially, Morocco is so fortunate as it experiences year round sunshine. This really is the cherry on the cake for me. But don’t forget to pack a jumper you can expect to experience low temperatures in the evenings.


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